In preparation for my trip I plotted most of the route in Google Earth. Just because GE really is a marvellous programme and also for the fun of getting in the mood for the long trip to come. If you have GE installed on your computer, you can view my route and follow my progress during the trip by the coördinates that I will add to my posts. Click on this link for the first part of the route to central France (Auvergne) and click on this link for the second part to Spain. The last part of the journey to the south of Spain is not ready yet.

You will be asked to install the GE Plugin to use the GE Viewer. Opening of the link takes a while: first you will see a world map, then the familiar GE globe pops up and zooms in on the route.To use the coördinates for my exact location, you will have to install the full programme of GE. If you already have GE installed, click on this link for the first part of the route and this link for the second part.

Google Earth settings:
To rightly insert the coördinates, the settings of GE have to be saved as follows:
– Click on ‘Tools’ in the bar on top and choose ‘Options’
– On the ‘3D View’ tab choose ‘Degrees, Decimal Minutes’ in the ‘Show Lat/Long’ section and click ‘OK’
– Now insert the coördinates that I provide in my posts in the ‘Fly to’ search bar, in the upperleft corner of your screen and click on the looking glass. Et voilà, you got me!

Curious about the things I stuff on my bike?