Koga Miyata World Traveller, second hand (a new one is way too expensive!). I changed the butterfly handlebars for a ‘bull’ bar (Koga Dali), because it also fits an ‘aerobar’. This is especially comfortable on longer, flat stretches where you have the wind against you.

Vango Dakota, an old hiking tent for two, which Mieke and I bought for a hiking trip into the Grand Canyon. I did not want to spend a lot of money on a new, smaller shelter for one. As a matter of fact, I can store all my luggage in the tent at night. Sorry bike, you stay outside!

Rats, this is an enormous list. I visited some forums on internet for my preperations and I noticed that there is a lot of fuzz between the ‘weight watchers’ and the ‘comfort bikers’ Never put believers and non-believers in one room: that means trouble!
Me? I happen to stuff even more on my bike than the comfort bikers. I will soon find out where my ‘ship’ runs aground. I can always discard the things that are not useful, because I do not carry much valuables in my bags. The one disadvantage of travelling on my own is: it’s only me that carries all that stuff. No equally dividing between travel partners!

I will give you a rough description of the ‘household goods’ I carry with me:
– stove (MSR Whisperlight), with small liquid-fuel can
– mess kit
– plate, mug, ‘glass’ (plastic)
– kitchen tools
– multi-tool
– repairset
– sewingkit
– foldable wash basin + sponge
– multi-soap: dishes & laundry
– herbs for cooking
– headlamp, candle, matches, lighter
– clothes-pins and line
– sleeping bag and mattress, sheet bag
– small, foldable chair: to relax and read in the sun (e-reader!)
– mp3-player, camera, small tripod, cellphone, earphone, USB-cardreader (to upload photos while on route in an internet cafe)
– and to charge all electronic devices: one ‘multi-multi’-charger, which I bought in a chinese shop: a plug with all sorts of bits for my e-reader, mp3-player, camera and cellphone!
– small backpack (for my days ‘off’)
– firstaid kit
– the travelbooklets of Paul Benjaminse (route)
– lightweight umbrella
– rainsuit, cap, biking helmet, (biking) sunglasses, biking gloves
– toilet case
– slippers
– (biking) shoes
– clothes; no, I won’t list them all here! Funny, I just read on a forum that you are still not allowed to wear ‘bermuda’ bathing trunks in public pools. As a matter of fact: swim’tights’ are actually lighter in weight, but no, you won’t see mé swimming in them…

And then you end up with more than 30 kg! It’s a miracle how these weightwatchers are comfortable with only 15 kg; it’s not me who will adapt a Spartan way of life. One has to have a little fun, right?
My first testround, with my bike fully loaded, went fine. But France and Spain are not as flat as Holland, I think…

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